Remnants of Greyhawk

Commanding The Army

I walked up to a giant pile of bones, Curious as to why it would have been here and how it would have died. I found a emerald colored scale around the bones. After examining the bones i headed off to a small village s little bit away from the dragon bones.As i walked into the city i felt some sort of magic. It was strange, it was there for a second and then gone. Everyone was happy and cheerful. For me it was odd, my mind was on the upcoming battles and i didn’t feel like doing anything. I talked to a halfling there and asked him why the town seemed to be celebrating. He told me about a farlang festival in town. He asked me to go to the pub and talk. I told him about the many adventures i had while roaming with this party that seems to accompany me everywhere. Eventually after what felt like years of a halfling pestering me, Hunter showed up and told us we needed to go to the temple. He asked if they had any reminents. Puzzled of course, he simplified for them and they showed us a chest that had an aura of importance and divinity. Hunter had a conflicting look on his face as he told them they should protect the boots and leave them there. After we left the town we found an entrance into the ways. In about 30 minutes we came to the corewood gate and saw an eye. I took off my helm and put it over the eye, then put my shield on the opposite end and prayed into it. Hemlock came out of a portal with what seemed like an endless army of skeletons. Hunter got on his tiger and The smelly nature guy turned into an animal of course. They both sped off and left me. I felt something grab my shoulder and i all but gave up on running. I felt a claw on my armor grab me and sling me up. I felt down safely onto the back of a friend. I was very glad to see him. We flew to corewood where i met up with everyone else. After that we rushed to the temple and asked again to see the artifact as we did before. I saw the most amazing blade that ive ever seen. It had ruby’s down the sides and was beautifully crafted. While near it i could almost feel the presence of something… something familiar. We slept in corewood that night and my sleep was filled with interesting,eventful dreams. I got breakfast and left for Greyhawk. I sent the two nature people to scout in the woods and i went to greyhawk. When i arrived it was filled with torture devices and executing machines. I met up with the army and found out my lieutenants killed 400 of my men to get here. It was highly insulting that they’d think id kill them to get here. One lieutenant in particular had a bad attitude with me and tried to act as though he had nothing to do with it.I Put him on the stretcher and killed him. Later i was told my Huntress that hunter found a scouting party. I knew there were two though, A little birdy told me. I cut off the communications and they joined up. “Looks like i might actually have a challenge when it comes to battle.” I thought. I picked out how many men would fight with me, and we met up the orcs and defeated them. A few enemies ran away…



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