Remnants of Greyhawk

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons

After having fought their way through elementals, spiders, and trapped corridors, our heroes faced off against a female drow mage of surprising skill. At the end of a hard-fought battle, perseverance won the day. Examining their surroundings, the party discovered a Dragon Egg. Upon closer examination, Roland picked up the valuable sanctuary, and was very surprised when it hatched in his arms!
Searching the rest of the temple, 5 sarcophagi were found in a pentagram, with one of the beautiful bloodstones in the center. Taking a step forward in curiosity, a whirling vortex leaped from one of the coffins and pulled halfling Adoshi into a short, agonizing death. Consulting Rika, it was apparent the only way to leave was by sacrificing 4 other people!
Refusing to even contemplate such an act, Roland was contemplating what to do when a fierce roar echoed through the temple. Rushing out to aid the newly freed slaves, our heroes exited the front hall to find a fully-grown dragon, a spider in one claw, one hanging from the beast’s jaws, and an unconscious Dreugar lying against the canyon wall.
Finishing her unconventional meal, Zelka (she introduced herself later) informed the group that she was there to escort them to an unnamed location. Climbing onto her back, Zelka flapped her wings once and lifted her great massive body into the air, orienting southwest. They flew this way for the next 3 days. During this time, Roland reflected that times were very troubling indeed, to have a Greyhawk dragon hatch for him, and then get saved by another!
After so long in the air, Roland was grateful when Zelka finally started to land. Settling down in the courtyard of a grand castle, the group jumped down as a fierce and handsomely clad human walked up, introduced himself as Lord Tyrexus, then promptly invited the heroes inside. Two knights walked up and escorted the group inside. On the way in, however, Dravorian and Rika melted into the crown, and Hunter left the confines of the bustling keep to the humans.
Leading Roland to a very comfortable room, the knights introduced themselves as Brienne and Sloth, and gave directions to the tailor. It wouldn’t do for Roland to show up to dinner wearing his armor!
Later, at dinner, Tyrexus found out that Rika was a magic user and had her arrested. Afterward, pulling Roland aside, he imparted knowledge concerning dragons and came to an arrangement concerning the newly hatched wyrmling’s training. Next, he tasked Brienne and Sloth with helping Roland and Hunter recruit an army to march on the Orc King, who was currently amassing a force of his own with the intention of overtaking Greyhawk City.
Spending the next 7 months recruiting forces and researching the remnants of Greyhawk, Ambassador Roennel decided to come along, thinking it would be more exciting than life in the keep. Coming to an arrangement with Captain Smith, the whole lot set sail for the Isle of Artifacts, seeking the Helm of Pholtus, an item of great interest.
by Roland (aka Josh)


GM Note : Roland 1k XP

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons

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