Remnants of Greyhawk

Hemlock's Memoirs

Hemlock’s Memoirs
The last that I wrote is now far behind us. We have traveled to the gnome city of Courwood. The journey was long and winding. Full of the terror of discovery of truths my father hid from me in spite of all that I’ve done to learn the truths of the world. As evil as I’ve ever thought him, I have found that he is far more evil still.
We have fought dragons, yes more than 1. Onyxblade is actually the first I know of in living memory to ride the very back of one. Granted he was firmly planted in the swamp that the dragon appeared in, however he had a fast, furious and fun ride before he did succumb to the very basic rule of all, gravity face first at that. We have collected 2 dragon’s worth of teeth, claws and scales, literally all that we could carry from the swamp that supported his spawning.
We have climbed mountains to fight well at the very peak of the path, and then had to come down them as there was nothing beyond them to walk or pass through.
We have followed the winding trails of the woods, following the tracker to find what we seek.
We have fought wolves and their handlers, sent by the Ogre King himself for our scalps, as we beat him face to face with only our wits.
We have fought goblins, orcs, gnolls and ghosts to find what we seek.
We have freed the Medusa to ensure she can defend her very own lair, that my father’s minions had trapped her within.
We have burned skeletons of every size and description. We have defended all our bones that we fought with, none have added to them yet.
We were dumped in the City of shorts with great heart, to kill the werewolf was all that they sought.
We have met more companions on the path that the Gods point.
We have fought wraiths, gnolls, goblins and greed throughout all the mountains that we were sent through.
We have danced for the Giant, the Guardian of Ways.
From him we have earned our very own keys.
The paths of the Gods we have braved to hunt the werewolf we sought, to save the brave shorts with the truly great hearts.
When we returned, great payment was ours, we stayed while we stocked, our welcome was clear.
The waves as we left were far greater still.
We are headed towards the Gods paths, once again we will go into that which breeds dead faster than any living flesh can.
We must find the door to that which we seek.
We dare not tarry as the God’s are quite eager to start the great cleansing.
Light and Dark are defining themselves further with every step taken by this raggedy band which was chosen by their very own hands.
Good choice’s? Not that I see. However from what I have seen, we may well be the only ones around to be chosen. A thin string indeed to dangle the world.
The God’s are heartless, determined and firm, that is quite normal as Gods generally are.
However I have talked to one myself in my dreams, I know the tones that I recognized were true to their forms, I know it well for I have lived there all my life. The world is the least of our concerns when even the Gods are scared for theirs.
Sadly we are not anywhere close to winning the battle for the peace that we seek.
We are well stalked by the evil that is my father, despite my escape he haunts my trail still. I have reason to believe that all our enemies are his.
We have talked to the Gods themselves and they have all confirmed this.
Evil is once again walking.
The Gods are naming their champions to have at the very front of the battles to come to this world.
The Gods are demanding that the blood must be spilt, knowing or unknowing, willing or not.
The corruption is spreading, it will be burned out.



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