Remnants of Greyhawk

Its a Pirates Life For Me

As the party went through the old doors on the temple island they entered the ways. Before they entered they met a woman who was a member of the Aes Sedai. She told them that the Aes Sedai had plans for the ways and that they have sealed all the the doors that the party had opened. But she gave Roland a rod that can open the doors for the party to be able to reopen the doors. Then she disappeared, the party walked through the ways until they found a door out and ended up in a dungeon. After fighting undead throughout the dungeon the party found a secret door that lead to the pirate admiral Captain Barbosa’s pirate den. After the party talked to Captain Barbosa he told them that they had a week on the island and then they had to leave. Barbosa gave the party a room to stay in for the week and the party went out to explore the pirate island.

When the party went out to explore the pirate cove island Roland got robbed and it turned into a brawl between Rolland, Hunter and four pirates after Hunter and Roland
won the fist fight. The fight led to a pirate giving Rolland information about a rumor concerning a crazy dwarf in the mountains that talks about a relic called the hammer of Ulaa. Hearing about the hammer Hunter decided to look for some information about a Farlanghn relic. He spoke to a waitress who led him to a dock hand slave who told him that Captain Barbosa had the compass of Fharlange on his ship. Knowing that Captain Barbosa would not give Hunter the compass, and would make him pay a ridiculous amount of money if Hunter tried to buy it from him. So Hunter has to think of a way to get the compass without being caught and killed by the pirates.


GM note: Hunter gains 1000 xp 2 weeks in a row.

Its a Pirates Life For Me

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