Remnants of Greyhawk

Journey on the Isle

After fighting a Kraken and saving the ship, We reached our destination. We are one step closer to the helm. Hunter and Roland Scouted out the island before went to the port, and one of the “pirates” joined our party. Captain Smith Told us about the Local friendly people of the isle. After being lost for awhile, forgetting where to go and who to talk to, I came to the Tiger village. Because of my amazing charisma and skills with talking to people, I got us escorted past the great wall by female warriors. For some reason the man who had just joined us gave them a necklace. Once we reached the tar pits the warriors turned back and our party moved forward. For days we traveled along jungles, swamps, and mountains. One night while we slept we were awoken by a cat looking man and his tiger. We offered him gold and he took us to his village. We shared stories and talked to them. They told us about how the man is bred for the Tiger, and the Tiger must choose them. After a day there we left again to travel though the isle. We ran low on rations and naturally sent out Hunter to hunt. He came back with a Tiger, but i was hungry and we couldn’t eat the Tiger. We pressed on and soon got to a cave. The cave was guarded by living stones which came alive when we got closer. We fought and defeated them and moved into the cave to see why they would guard it. There were many traps but hunter and the man who gave away his necklace disarmed them. I’m thankful to him and he has my trust now, I should probably learn his name eventually. I could sense a barrier at the entrance to a small cave, but i held up my shield and walked through it. I reached to open a chest and controlled lightning lashed out of it. After the oriental pirate disarmed the trap i opened it to find a remarkable set of armor. The party gave me this armor and started traveling again. After a few days Roland had told us there was another dragon near. We discussed plans on fighting this dragon and eventually decided we should make it come to us and surprise it. Hunter set up portals though two trees so we could get to it faster. The party eventually slayed the green dragon, and continued to search for the helm.


GM Note : Sloth 1k XP

Journey on the Isle

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