Remnants of Greyhawk

Temple Run

After fighting the green dragon that Rolland had summoned with his ring, the group started to search for the dragon’s lair. After a little tracking the group found the diseased pit that the green dragon had turned into his home. The group found three holes where the dragon had buried his loot. The first hole we found had the dead body of the Zombie Master who was one of the tribe leaders of the village where the group had docked. While Rolland prepared to raise the Zombie Master Hunter and Huntress went hunting to try and find some food for the group because they were out of rations but had no luck, and Brien and Sloth continued to dig the other two holes for loot. In the two holes, an instant campsite and a map of unseen lands was found.

After the group finished looking through the lair, Rolland had raised the Zombie Master and the Zombie Master told the party that the village was attacked and over run by pirates and dinosaurs, and that he was headed to the obelisk at the temple to speak to bucomb to help him take back the village. Since the party was headed to the temple as well they decided to travel with the Zombie Master. The Zombie Master had his Hippogryph mount and Rolland had his dragon Zistra but the rest of the group had to build a raft to get from the main island to the island with the temple.

After a day at sea Brien, Sloth, Hunter and Huntress were steering the raft when a four headed hydra came from below the raft and flipped the raft sending everyone but Huntress into the water. After a long battle with the hydra it was becoming apparent that the group was loosing the fight since every time the group cut off a head two more grew in its place and group members began to drop. The Zombie Master saw that the group was loosing the fight and flew over on his hippogryph and cast a ritual to bring the down group members back from being unconscious. After the group finally defeated the hydra the group traveled to a small island near the temple to recuperate and rest before heading to the temple.

When the group got to the temple the Zombie Master told us that he would be totally absorbed in his prayers at the obelisk for thirty seconds and that we must defend him from whatever may attack. As the Zombie Master began his prayers to Bucomb at the obelisk the group was attacked by waves of different types of orcs and different dinosaurs. After thirty seconds of the group holding off all of the attackers and defending the Zombie Master the Zombie Master screamed that he could not handle it, and group watched in horror as the Zombie Masters body began to twist and contort and then everyone was blown back as the area around the obelisk became lava and where the Zombie Master stood before the explosion now stood a huge tyrannosaurus rex. The T Rex attacked the group and the remaining orcs and the dinosaurs ran away from the T Rex leaving only the group to take it down.

After a long battle the T Rex finally went down. When the group approached the obilisk they found that the obelisk was cracked in the explosion. When the group looked inside the crack we found a shiny helm and what appeared to be a golden egg. Rolland broke the obelisk with his hammer, and found out that the helm was the helm of Foltus which was the helm that the group had gone to the island of dread to find in the first place. The golden egg turned out to be a golden dragon egg. The golden dragon would grow to be a defender of the planes, the group went around touching the egg seeing if any member of the group was worthy enough for the egg to hatch at their touch. When The egg was touched by Sloth it hatched. So now Sloth is raising the golden dragon, and the group is responsible for its safety.


GM Note : Hunter 1k XP

Temple Run

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