Remnants of Greyhawk

The road to Greyhawk

That is a wierd volcano?

Our heroes headed north to Greyhawk. They were ambushed by Zanvear Iceblood. He unleashed a pack of hungry wolfs and their handlers on the party. They were especially interested in Dravorin Swordhand. Iceblood told them that the King of Pomarj had put a bounty on their head. After killing Iceblood’s party the heroes went north where they found a Volcano that looked like it was capped. The heroes went into the cave where they were ambushed by Chant Hargrove’s party of hyenas and an evil priest. Chant escaped but his minions paid the price. Upon there defeat the entry way to the volcano collapsed so our heroes pressed on. There they came across a young red dragon eager to prove herself to the Dark One. The party quickly caused her to flee but not before Hemlock Moonfire killed her as she was flying away.
After seeing there was no way to go north threw the volcano the heroes went through the swamps of the Suss forest. There they came across a purple dragon that was put there to impede them getting to Greyhawk. After a fight for the ages where Roland saves all 3 other members and Onyxblade rode the dragon to 70’ in the air, they dispatched her.

Soon after the battle Hemlock Moonfire fell ill with the swamp flu and died.

As the heroes awaken from thier rest they are being poked by spears…….



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