Remnants of Greyhawk

Pomarj - Adventure Begins

The Keep on the Border

All of you have been invited to Highport Keep to hone your skills on the edge of the Wild Coast. After a well rested night in the common sleeping room our heroes enter the tavern and see Dravorin, Devan’s character name, Flint character name, Shawna’s character name, and the tavern owners. A man wipes down glasses from last night and you can see 2 people cooking in the back and girl setting up tables……

After meeting the Castellan the party took a hireling, Grim, with them around town to speak to local townsfolk about local issues. They found the Blacksmith who told them about the mad hermit and the warehouse owner who told them about lizard men and bandit raiding caravans on the road. The party also learned that no one travels outside the keep at night. After talking amongst themselves, the party decided to go North after the mad hermit first.
The dogs attacked Grim with ravenous hunger and tried to pull him into the brush. Dravorian cut them down with his broad sword when they tried to move past him. This made the hermit mad and he lashed out at the fighter. After a short and decisive battle our heroes emerged victorious.
Our heroes then moved on to the lizard folk, where they chose to fight only if the lizard folk decided to move to the road to attack. As the party hid in the tall cat tails they were spotted by the lizard folk. Spears were thrown clubs were bashed. During the conflict Grim and Onyxvine fell unconscious. Onyxvine bleed out very fast and died on the battlefield. Hemlock was forced to use her magic and Dravorian saw this happen. When the battle was over Dravorian was persuaded to speak to Hemlock about the magic show. Over all he decided not to turn her in to the authorities in the keep. After paying 120GP in gold and trade to get Onyxvine ressurected,the group was invited to the Keep for dinner that night with the Castellan.
This is where we begin again…….
Castellan Dinner



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