Hemlock Moonfire


Hemlock Moonfire, level 4
Wild Elf, Sorcerer
Spell Source Option: Wild Magic
Arcane Implement Proficiency Option: Arcane Implement Proficiency (Wand)

STR 17, CON 18, DEX 18, INT 16, WIS 11, CHA 18

STR 17, CON 17, DEX 15, INT 14, WIS 11, CHA 18

AC: 16 Fort: 16 Ref: 16 Will: 18
HP: 45 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 11

Arcana +12, Bluff +11, Diplomacy +11, Dungeoneering +7

Acrobatics +6, Athletics +5, Endurance +6, Heal +2, History +5, Insight +2, Intimidate +6, Nature +6, Perception +4, Religion +5, Stealth +6, Streetwise +6, Thievery +6

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Elf Racial Power: Elven Accuracy
Sorcerer Attack 1: Blazing Starfall
Sorcerer Attack 1: Chaos Bolt
Sorcerer Attack 1: Bedeviling Burst
Sorcerer Attack 1: Cosmos Call
Sorcerer Utility 2: Stretch Spell
Sorcerer Attack 3: Teleport Bash

Level 1: Arcane Familiar
Level 2: Dual Implement Spellcaster
Level 4: Arcane Implement Proficiency

Staff of the Traveler +1 x1
Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing) x1
Adventurer’s Kit
Common Meal
Gray Rain Cloak
Vial Bandolier
Fire Kit
Grappling Hook
Backpack (empty)
Trail Rations
Sling Bullets
Ritual Book
Potion of Healing
Elixir of Invisibility (heroic tier)
Bag of Holding
Dragontooth wand of Wonder +2 x1
Ring of Dragons x1



My name is Hemlock, and I am my father’s heir. This is a great honor as he has many daughters, some he has killed as he killed all of his sons. The rumour is that his line is cursed to be betrayed and destroyed by their sons that they hold most dear. In my grandfather’s case it certainly came true. He finally believed the curse the day he died. It was with my father’s dagger slicing his throat from ear to ear. He denied it to the end, but in the end he believed. My father believes, that is why he sacrifices the lives of all his male born children to his god. That is why his heir is female. He believes he controls us all. If this belief is shaken he willingly sacrifices his daughters as well. He believes that with the sacrifices he gains the favor and protection of his god.

There are 2 reasons I am his heir. First, I am far more studious than any of my half sisters. They are more interested in styles, parties, men and silly gossip than in learning something useful. 2nd, he believes me completely under his thumb. He does not think I could ever have the gall to betray him. In this he is wrong. I hate him and what he always has been. Oh, I didn’t always feel this way and I certainly have no intention of dropping my shields enough for him to find out ever.

I have a habit of digging into old corners and nooks and crannies. It has always caused him much amusement. It also gives me access to knowledge no else has seen for centuries. With this habit I have a good excuse for being gone for large amounts of time without anyone thinking anything of it. I have found spell books and enspelled gems. Many useful items have been uncovered which I have made use of. I have managed to put together a traveling kit and stashed it outside the castle where it was easily retrievable if need be.

In a secret room, I found what I realized was my mother’s sanctuary in this hell. That is where I found her journal. It was written to me as she realized that I would never know her. In it was her story. In it she told how she was a high-pristess of the Goddess Light. In great detail it spoke of her beliefs and love for her goddess. It told the tale of how a betrayal from a young accolate brought down the church in the middle of a ritual. How the young accolate was in reality a spy for the Dark. Paid lots of money for the betrayal and capture of the priestesses of Light. The attack was thorough and every priestess was captured or killed. There was specific instructions about my mother. She alone was not to be killed no matter what. The rest were to be killed if necessary. The attack was organized and paid for by my father. He wanted the high-priestess to be his personal mistress/servant/play toy.

The grand feeling of superioty over his god’s enemy’s high priestess was his for years. He was enthusiastic and creative in his punishments and amusements. She was the only slave preserved solely for his amusement. If any of his guards or guests touched/talked/helped her they were sacrificed. The rest of his slaves he toyed with, tortured for amusement, sold, killed or passed on without thought beyond his own amusement. Her pain was exclusively his to enjoy and take power from. That may be another reason I am his heir. I am the only offspring that there is no chance that the father is not someone he sold my mother’s services and pain to.

Stashed with the journal were a number of magic stones. One of them cleansed my mind of my father’s controlling spells that I was unaware of. It gave me the memories of what happened to my mother as well as the atrocities he has committed on me. Now, I know why the scars that cover my body are there. They are not the price every magician must pay as he told me. I have the memories of the rituals he has pulled my power for, and the gloating glory on his face as he tortured me numerous times for the fun of it. The memories he wipes from me until he chooses to play again. No wonder he has no doubt of my loyalty, he has had years of casting spells on me to the point that I would not even remember his abuses. In me he gets the certainty of a blood heir that is not male and therefore cannot betray him, and the beauty of my mother and the same things he did to her he can do to me.

The journal told of how she had loved me and was surprised when he did not immediately have me taken to be raised as his daughter or sacrificed to his god. Instead he left me with her to raise and love. The horrors he did to her were far away from me. How he enjoyed slicing her breast so he could drink the milk and blood of a nursing mother together. He made sure that she produced enough milk for both of us. Sometimes he would insist that she nurse me after lacerating both her breasts so that I would feed on blood and milk as well. He said it would make me more powerful and useful in the future. As I got older he insisted on me being fed on blood and milk more often. He insisted on my being fed this way until I was 7.

The day he decided I needed to be weaned was the day my mother died. He told her it was time to begin doing his rituals with both mother and me. It would increase his power 10 fold to torture the mother and child. He had taken her to his chambers as usual and begun by restraining her. Then he had me delivered to his chambers as well. He planned on using the power of her anger to fuel his latest spells as she watched him do to me what he had done to her for many years. Her anger was greater than he expected. He had forgotten that she was a high-pristess even if it was many years and abuses before. She broke free of his spells and restraints and challenged him to a mageduel. She fought him as no one ever had. That is as close to dying as he has ever come. For once he could not subdue her and was forced to slay her to save his life.

Since then I was allowed to keep the memories of being his heir. The memories of his rituals and amusements he removed from my mind. The stone also gave me the spell my mother used to protect herself from his controlling spells as well as how to keep this from him. Another stone she had charged with all her memories of her life before. As well as her memories of her time with me. I knew how much she loved me and how she planned to take me to safety if she ever could. She could have escaped shortly after she had me, but she refused to leave me behind. So she made a stash of magical stones against the day of need.

I learned the rituals needed and was able to complete calling my familiar. I have named her Kara. She hides under the fall of my hair, along the back of my neck most of the time. She is a Moon Wisp. Many times has her light saved me from that which would be concealed by the moonlight. She will definitely help me avoid enemies at night when I leave this place. She is mischievous and protective, for all that she is young. She tries to help all she can. Her presence alone can make me smile, which in this place is a great boon indeed. She has helped me find the knowledge I need since I bonded with her. She has a knack for locating the information buried in the tomes my family has amassed from all over GrayHawk that will be the most useful to me.

She even has a habit of disguising her self as a tome, to hide from my father and to keep up my appearance as nothing more than a book worm. It is working, he does not believe I have any useful skills at all. Nor does he believe I have any desire to leave the library at all. He thinks I fear the outdoors as he has never found me outside even. It will serve me well. It is always better to be under estimated by your enemies.

The stones also gave me the information about her goddess. I believe her goddess is preferable to the Dark God of my Father. Since my discovery of the stones I am aware that I am not as enthused with the pain and suffering of others that the Dark demands. I dare not say this aloud but my goddess is the goddess of my mother. I must escape this prison before I am found out by my father. I can not stand this place with my true knowledge of what it is. I have made a plan and I will take the stones my mother made and all of the stashes that she made as well as the ones I myself made.

I have been practicing and training myself in secret since I found my mother’s retreat. There is enough room within that I can even practice with a sling that she managed to hide within it. It will give me a offense that I can use from a distance when I leave. I have practiced as much as I can daily since then.

I will go to the surface and seek out other followers of the Goddess of Light. I will tell them of my mother and how her faith never wavered. My understanding is limited, I don’t know how the goddess could turn her back on a follower as faithful as my mother. I will tell them of her, but I will not join them, she would like me too I’m sure. My love does not go that far though. I will not spend my life in the priesthood of a goddess that allows her loyal followers to suffer so.

Instead I intend to travel and learn of the world at large. My future is to be found beyond the horizon, not in my father’s home. If ever I come back it will be to destroy him utterly…….

I am writing this as I sit by my camp. I have finally escaped. I have been on the run for 2 wks now. I have been traveling at night and making as much time as I can. However, I am hampered in that I must travel at early morn, evening and night. I cannot bear the sunlight of full noon. I have spent all of my life inside during daylight as my father hid us all. We are all magic users of the arcane, not divine magics. This is not something that I can afford to advertise as all hate and fear us since the wars. I have not escaped Hell to be hung by the small minded ignorant yokals.

I hide by day and rest when I can. I have killed 2 parties of assasins sent by my father. I have been in battle with a number of creatures as well. I write so if something happens to me, someday my story may be found and brought to a temple of Light. It is the story of my mother as well. If you find this I beg you to take it to a temple of Light so they will know the honour and fate of my mother. It was her wish that her story be returned to her sisters in the temple so they would know and take strength from her courage.

There is a disturbance in the woods. I must check it out in case it is another assassin sent by my father. I will climb the tree near the edge of the camp. I will wait and see if they are friend or foe……

Well, what do you know, just as I was running low on fresh meat a boar just happens to be in the area and hunting for grubs. I decided to use the element of surprise and jumped him with my sword. I got a good lick in and it totally enraged him. He let out a screech of outrage and charged. I just kept slicing him up and jumping out of his way. It took awhile but he finally screamed his last and collapsed. Even then I made sure to slit his throught and bleed him dry. I just stood there for a second and took a deep breath.

I felt so alive, I laughed aloud. The thrill of hunt was still running thru me. I felt like trying to resurrect him to kill him again just for the adrenalin rush. I never noticed how much fun danger is until the first group of assassins sent by my father tried to kill me. Since then I enjoy the thrill of danger, just seconds away from death myself. I don’t necessarily like the killing itself, but the quickening of my reflexes and the wonderful knowledge that I can defend myself. That is what is almost like an entire bottle of fine elven wine. I spent far to long feeling helpless to ever want to do so again.

I will have to find someone I can trust to guard my back soon though. It is impossible to go forever without proper rest. Hopefully they can become a partner to share my explorations with. I tire of being the only one in range of my voice. Journeys are far more fun with a friend. There is a town that is only a day from here, . I will go there to hire a guard, at least then we can sleep in shifts.

Father is limited on those he can send after a female once I am known. He cannot afford to be known as a spell caster or he will himself become hunted. If it is found that he uses spells to control others his fine home will be overrun with masses of those lost in a mob’s rage. He may worship the Dark God, however he is not a priest, his power is not granted by his God. He has no protection against those who fear all magic users. Whether the mobs would free or kill my sisters, at least they will be free of his torment. I will have to think further on the idea of leading his enemies to his door.

Meanwhile I need funds. I have enough for now it is true. However I have no intention of living in the woods forever. I will earn my own way. I should be able to find work in the town. There is bound to be someone in need of the skills I have. Even beyond magic I have quite a few. I have been practicing and training all I could for years. Before I found my mother’s hideaway even. It will be far safer for me to use all I can, besides magic for as long as I can contrive to do so.

Hemlock Moonfire

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