Armor of Greyhawk

Legendary Platemail


The Armor of Greyhawk, made from all the land using only the best from all races.
There is a legend that tells of a great knight in the first war. His name was Horace Stormer.
Horace was born a blacksmith’s son. As he aged, he learned the trade, as any son would, from his father. When Horace was 16 years old, his little brother Maurice was ready to start learning from his father as well. Being a selfless person, he left Greyhawk to search for harder metal and better ways of making swords and armor. As he wandered, he first came across a village of Halflings who taught him how to make jewelry. He then met up with a band of Dwarven smiths who showed him how to make light durable armor from Adamantine. He then traveled to the great Kingdom when he met a man named Goffer. Goffer and Horace rode to Rauxes where he accepted work as a guard of the city. In his spare time, he crafted armor with Goffer.

The Great War started. People fled to the capital Rauxes. All strong men were called to defend the Great Kingdom. Horace donned his armor, and he, Goffer, and 6 more of his guard friends founded the Iron Knights. They killed so many evil creatures that, well, there are still a lot of songs about them today. Goffer went on to lead the Iron knights into the new age. But the real hero of the Great Kingdom, Horace Stormer, rode off into the sunset without ever suffering a single wound. It is said that as he put his armor on in the morning, it would become more complete and lighter as he donned more of it. It is said that whoever finds Horace may be granted the power of the armor and his place leading the Iron Knights.

The last anyone saw of Horace was a last glimpse of his shining armor as he rode off into the Corusk Mountains.

Armor of Greyhawk

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