Remnants of Greyhawk

Commanding The Army

I walked up to a giant pile of bones, Curious as to why it would have been here and how it would have died. I found a emerald colored scale around the bones. After examining the bones i headed off to a small village s little bit away from the dragon bones.As i walked into the city i felt some sort of magic. It was strange, it was there for a second and then gone. Everyone was happy and cheerful. For me it was odd, my mind was on the upcoming battles and i didn’t feel like doing anything. I talked to a halfling there and asked him why the town seemed to be celebrating. He told me about a farlang festival in town. He asked me to go to the pub and talk. I told him about the many adventures i had while roaming with this party that seems to accompany me everywhere. Eventually after what felt like years of a halfling pestering me, Hunter showed up and told us we needed to go to the temple. He asked if they had any reminents. Puzzled of course, he simplified for them and they showed us a chest that had an aura of importance and divinity. Hunter had a conflicting look on his face as he told them they should protect the boots and leave them there. After we left the town we found an entrance into the ways. In about 30 minutes we came to the corewood gate and saw an eye. I took off my helm and put it over the eye, then put my shield on the opposite end and prayed into it. Hemlock came out of a portal with what seemed like an endless army of skeletons. Hunter got on his tiger and The smelly nature guy turned into an animal of course. They both sped off and left me. I felt something grab my shoulder and i all but gave up on running. I felt a claw on my armor grab me and sling me up. I felt down safely onto the back of a friend. I was very glad to see him. We flew to corewood where i met up with everyone else. After that we rushed to the temple and asked again to see the artifact as we did before. I saw the most amazing blade that ive ever seen. It had ruby’s down the sides and was beautifully crafted. While near it i could almost feel the presence of something… something familiar. We slept in corewood that night and my sleep was filled with interesting,eventful dreams. I got breakfast and left for Greyhawk. I sent the two nature people to scout in the woods and i went to greyhawk. When i arrived it was filled with torture devices and executing machines. I met up with the army and found out my lieutenants killed 400 of my men to get here. It was highly insulting that they’d think id kill them to get here. One lieutenant in particular had a bad attitude with me and tried to act as though he had nothing to do with it.I Put him on the stretcher and killed him. Later i was told my Huntress that hunter found a scouting party. I knew there were two though, A little birdy told me. I cut off the communications and they joined up. “Looks like i might actually have a challenge when it comes to battle.” I thought. I picked out how many men would fight with me, and we met up the orcs and defeated them. A few enemies ran away…

New... friends?

On any other day, this would be a pleasant walk through a grassy plain, skirting the edge of a forest, the chattery Halfling going on about her ideas for a new lure. Today though, the rancid smoke from a burning city still fills my nostrils, further agitated by the need for a full out run away from a giant driving it deep into my lungs to ensure its lingering presence all the longer. Why did I ever leave my grove? I never had to deal with burning human flesh and the vomitous stench of laboring giants over the century while I was there.

Why did I leave that grove? I could say it was the Halfling, Seiya’s banter and light heart drawing me out of my self imposed seclusion. Too long doing the same thing? Perhaps. Something is happening in the world though. I can feel it deep in the roots of trees, in the creatures of the surrounding forest shying away from me, when they would nest in my hand if I were still enough. Something is stirring, and the maliciousness of it lays heavy on the wind.

A grunt from behind snaps me out of my reverie. The human. He’s been following us since shortly after the giant gave up the chase. He’s trying to be quiet, but between a bundle in his hands, and the shine from over-polished armor, he’s about as stealthy as a bull in heat in a ceramics shop. I noticed him long before Seiya, and could only smile when she excitedly pointed him out in whispers. We took a couple minor steps off the path, yet he still persists. He doesn’t seem to be a threat, so we press onward.

I can’t rightly say where we’re going, but an odd stick in Seiya’s pack, and a faint feeling of meeting up with one Lord Tyrexus is our current motivation. Neither Seiya nor I know rightly what this means, but I’ve dealt with stranger reasons to go on an adventure. At least it’s more of a goal than to find yet another fishing hole. I remember watching her fish from a log, and pulling in something that glinted as it broke the water. Probably another fish for her to giggle about and exaggerate how hard it was to pull in, but there’s no sign of it now. Even more odd, we came to our senses on a beach with the water to the west of us, when it was to our south.

Thankfully, I was able to piece our location together from a rough map in her pack, granting it holds any accuracy. The woods we’re following, and the rising hills in the far distance lead to confirm it. Perhaps our human shadow has information on this.

I motion to Seiya to duck into cover, and continue on for another minute or better, then turn, directly watching our clamorous companion. He hesitates for a minute, looking for the now hidden Halfling, and stops short, hailing me.

The exchange is brief, but his self identification as a Paladin serving this Lord Tyrexus we are searching for moves things along quickly. His formal introduction is as one Sir Aldon Ruggedsloth, and we are told his companions call him Sloth, but as Seiya starts dancing around him singing “Clank, clank, clank, goes the Paladin!”, I dub him Sir Clank, which evolves as time progresses to Sir Clankypants as I sense the annoyance it fosters in his stoic demeanor. The same sense driving us to the also mockingly dubbed “Lord T-Rex” flares when Sloth mentioned his pseudonym. The source of destiny driving us seems to be tied to him as well, though I can not place my proverbial finger on it.

We press on. The bundle Sloth carries is quite the active little thing. A dragon! Things truly must be awry in the world for such a magnificent creature to be evident with this young man. A fact soon doubled-down upon in my mind as we approach the city Sloth calls Pitchfork. Above the city, in long loping patrol, flies a second magnificent beast. I feign fear to ease the apprehension so evident in Seiya. She is in awe of the creature, and afraid it could be inclined to make her an hors d’oeuvres before dining upon an elven entrée featuring me.

Sir Clankypants assuages her fears, winning her over with a natural charm and fearlessness, and leads us into the city. It is evident people are on edge. Boarded up windows, patrols overly large for the area they are in, and twice as frequent rush to and fro. On seeing our metal-clad friend, one of the guards welcomes him home, and informs him his presence is required by the Captain of the Guard and Lord of the City themselves.

Unsure of our status in the city, and seeing it as a way to find answers, Seiya and I follow Sloth to a barracks of a sort. I admit, my attention doesn’t last in the face of a delicious spread of cheeses and bread, amongst other choice tastes laid out for the Officers. We are invited to partake and I do, while Seiya plants herself on the corner of the table and follows suite.

A few small pleasantries are exchanged between Sir Aldon and the officer on duty, and our revelry is cut short as he waves for us to follow him again, this time heading for the main keep. As we move into the street, I tense as I see an elf being dragged through the street by quite the large Bengal tiger. Large cats are always unpredictable, and the behavior of this one is even farther removed from anything resembling normal. The elf could have passed for her cub being dragged by the scruff, or the armor in this case, but he is unconscious at best, dead at worst as she brings him into range.

Sloth is clearly shocked to see him, be it in this state, or at all, I am not sure. A cry rings out for a medic, and soon we are surrounded by a gaggle of humans fluttering about. The elf is revived, though obviously still weak from some intense ordeal. I catch a glimpse of something metallic glinting from his pocket, and a hilt bundled in the pack carried on his back.

Sir Clank and the elf obviously know each other, and the common area is filled with the commotion of their argument. Watching the two go back and forth is amusing at first, but I sense it turn deadly serious as the tones grow more hushed, and the elf steals glances to his hands and pocket. It seems something was stolen, and the oh so righteous one wishes to place the elf under arrest. He nearly does before Seiya steps in, arguing on behalf of the elf, as slavery was involved. Her own charms are as powerful as the metal-bound warrior’s, and her reasoning seems sound to all around.

The musical sounds of my own language floats through the air, and I turn to the elf. He pleads for my help should things turn out for the worse for him, confirming the fact whatever was taken, was done so from a group of slavers, who hold some of our own as their property. I agree to assist in whatever way I can, but find it is unneeded, as Seiya wins through to touch the heart of our escort in the city, and he acquiesces on the topic. The elf is clearly relieved, and introduces himself as Hunter before being surrounded and escorted into the keep. Sloth follows him, so Seiya and I follow Sloth.

We enter a council chamber of sorts, though only two people are present at the time. The smaller of the two has a yellowish tinge to his skin, with a streak of a metallic hue through otherwise dark hair. He is in no way a small man, but is dwarfed by the larger man in the room, who can only be Lord Tyrexus. His armor is a second skin, and bearing is cold precision. He dismisses the escort after a quick explanation to their presence from Sloth.

I sit back and watch as the Tin Man is promoted by Lord T-Rex, and given his orders. Something about an Orc King, a Dark Lord, armies, troops, and a bunch of ballyhoo about recruiting more into this army. With a sweep of his hand to the provisions at the table, and a curt nod, Lord Tyrexus leaves us alone with the newly upraised General Marcus.

The General’s attention is finally drawn to the strangers in the room. Not wanting to reveal too much of ourselves until gleaning insight into the mindset of these people, we start with our recount of the destroyed town we recently left. I never did rightly catch the name of it as Seiya handled those negotiations. The intel we provide seems to trouble the General, and talk is turned to a “Remnant” which was housed in the town. After the kerfuffle between Hunter and Sloth over an item of similar rarity outside, we remain hushed on what we found. Seiya decries her inability to free the golden cudgel from it’s sconce before we had to flee from a giant, while a true event, was not quite the only thing we found there. Thankfully he believes the story, so much so he orders now Major Clankypants to lead a force to the city to reclaim this Cudgel of St. Cuthbert, and deliver it to the Matrons of Greyhawk, where I now understand him to have been ordered to go by Lord T-Rex.

We press for more information on the Cudgel, only to learn it has an inspiring effect upon the populace to defend the area it is housed. I take this as a form of compulsion which the people have no voice to resist or agree to, and a revulsion of the stick builds in my gut. The sense of the misuse which could come of its possession cements my intent to not yield the artifact into the hands of the General or Lord T-Rex, but the current order stands as a challenge we must overcome, as it’s not worth returning to face the giants for no reason.

With orders set and Seiya and myself found to be a recruited contractor of sorts, the General leaves us to make preparations.

Sloth and Hunter debate on the disposistion of the troops for the march to Greyhawk, while Seiya and I confer on how to handle the Cudgel before we reach the Neireth? Something like that. The burned town. We agree to bring Hunter in on the secret when we get a chance to speak with him privately, which comes sooner rather than later. It seems his duties have placed him in charge of the outriders, which would leave me the charge of their contingent of beastly warriors as part of this little adventure. As we overlook the “troops”, I break the news to him. His reaction is one of bewilderment at first, until he pulls out the item of contention earlier in the day. It seems to be a magical compass, instead of pointing north, it leads in a straight line to one’s heart’s greatest desire. At this point in time, it seems it is the Cudgel, as it points directly to Seiya. Barring some deep seeded romantic notions my kindred elf may have towards halflings, it seems the deceptions would have been uncovered sooner than expected.

Hunter quickly asserts that we need to deliver the Cudgel unto Sir Clankypants, in some way as to not incriminate ourselves. His earnestness is shocking, but from the way he entered the town, and seemed to have been nearly incarcerated, I take it as an honest fear of reprisal. I let him know I’ll distract oh shiny one, and leave it to him and Seiya to handle the artifact.

In polite conversation over lunch, Sloth had inquired into my particular talents of shape-shifting. I use this to start up a conversation with him. He invites me to join him at a pool and show off my abilities as a fish, or other such, which I politely refuse. Things turn to a debate over what is considered natural smelling, of which I stand by my thoughts that anything which is processed and in a bottle is unnatural by simple definition.

Thankfully I am saved from further pushes towards a tub by Sloth deciding he wishes to check in on his dragon. The poor thing has been treated with some unwholesome concoction, which is accelerating its growth by months in a day. The pain he is under is palpable. There seems to be some sort of conversation between the two which I can not hear, but Sloth seems content this is not an ongoing condition.

We head back towards the keep, where we meet with Seiya and Hunter. Sloth needs to return to his room to gather his armor and shield, and Hunter offers to go with him to assist, and go over more plans for the troops. Seiya tells me know the Cudgel was successfully planted, but there is no mention of it when Sloth and Hunter return to let us know we’re delaying heading out until tomorrow. The army will push ahead on their own to Greyhawk, and we shall use the time of their march to perform some side missions, and recruitment.

The morning arrives bright and clear after an uneventful rest of the day. At breakfast many ideas are tossed around, with no one sure on where to head out to next. We are joined by conscript from the army to tend to us. After some more discussion and no real decision Hunter consults his compass, which points us Northwest, so off we go.

A couple of days out, after crossing a small range of hilly terrain, we spot a river, with an eclectic mix of creatures at the ford. Two worgs are on the near side drinking from the stream, an owl-bear and a deva on the far side. They are not openly hostile to start, and hailed by the guy from the army. I never did catch his name properly. An insult is tossed back our way, and battle is joined.

The fight is brutal and one sided. The only fallacy on our end comes with Hunter bumbling a shot, and sending it who knows where into the distance. Perhaps he saw something we failed to? The deva is given a chance to surrender, but fails to acquiesce, and is cut down in the end.

We set camp by the river, Seiya is overjoyed and immediately begins to throw her line into the water. As the sun sets and our campfire is burning bright, we are joined by an interesting fellow who flies in on a Pegasus. I sit back, still contemplating the days we’ve experienced recently, trying to piece together how I ended up here. A fish is tossed around and ends up on a spit over the fire to roast, when suddenly the fire blooms to life. I could sense no primal forces at work, and Sloth jumps to his feet, accusing the strange new fellow of profaning the laws, and placing him under arrest. As Sloth approaches, the gentleman waves his hands, and the earth turns to mush under the plated warrior. Questions fly back and forth, chaos ensues, and the last I remember is waters of the river rising over the bank and coming for me, and the ground under foot turns to muck.

By the time I am calmed down, the stranger is long gone, and we settle into an uncomfortable night, awaiting what the morrow will bring.

Its a Pirates Life For Me

As the party went through the old doors on the temple island they entered the ways. Before they entered they met a woman who was a member of the Aes Sedai. She told them that the Aes Sedai had plans for the ways and that they have sealed all the the doors that the party had opened. But she gave Roland a rod that can open the doors for the party to be able to reopen the doors. Then she disappeared, the party walked through the ways until they found a door out and ended up in a dungeon. After fighting undead throughout the dungeon the party found a secret door that lead to the pirate admiral Captain Barbosa’s pirate den. After the party talked to Captain Barbosa he told them that they had a week on the island and then they had to leave. Barbosa gave the party a room to stay in for the week and the party went out to explore the pirate island.

When the party went out to explore the pirate cove island Roland got robbed and it turned into a brawl between Rolland, Hunter and four pirates after Hunter and Roland
won the fist fight. The fight led to a pirate giving Rolland information about a rumor concerning a crazy dwarf in the mountains that talks about a relic called the hammer of Ulaa. Hearing about the hammer Hunter decided to look for some information about a Farlanghn relic. He spoke to a waitress who led him to a dock hand slave who told him that Captain Barbosa had the compass of Fharlange on his ship. Knowing that Captain Barbosa would not give Hunter the compass, and would make him pay a ridiculous amount of money if Hunter tried to buy it from him. So Hunter has to think of a way to get the compass without being caught and killed by the pirates.

Temple Run

After fighting the green dragon that Rolland had summoned with his ring, the group started to search for the dragon’s lair. After a little tracking the group found the diseased pit that the green dragon had turned into his home. The group found three holes where the dragon had buried his loot. The first hole we found had the dead body of the Zombie Master who was one of the tribe leaders of the village where the group had docked. While Rolland prepared to raise the Zombie Master Hunter and Huntress went hunting to try and find some food for the group because they were out of rations but had no luck, and Brien and Sloth continued to dig the other two holes for loot. In the two holes, an instant campsite and a map of unseen lands was found.

After the group finished looking through the lair, Rolland had raised the Zombie Master and the Zombie Master told the party that the village was attacked and over run by pirates and dinosaurs, and that he was headed to the obelisk at the temple to speak to bucomb to help him take back the village. Since the party was headed to the temple as well they decided to travel with the Zombie Master. The Zombie Master had his Hippogryph mount and Rolland had his dragon Zistra but the rest of the group had to build a raft to get from the main island to the island with the temple.

After a day at sea Brien, Sloth, Hunter and Huntress were steering the raft when a four headed hydra came from below the raft and flipped the raft sending everyone but Huntress into the water. After a long battle with the hydra it was becoming apparent that the group was loosing the fight since every time the group cut off a head two more grew in its place and group members began to drop. The Zombie Master saw that the group was loosing the fight and flew over on his hippogryph and cast a ritual to bring the down group members back from being unconscious. After the group finally defeated the hydra the group traveled to a small island near the temple to recuperate and rest before heading to the temple.

When the group got to the temple the Zombie Master told us that he would be totally absorbed in his prayers at the obelisk for thirty seconds and that we must defend him from whatever may attack. As the Zombie Master began his prayers to Bucomb at the obelisk the group was attacked by waves of different types of orcs and different dinosaurs. After thirty seconds of the group holding off all of the attackers and defending the Zombie Master the Zombie Master screamed that he could not handle it, and group watched in horror as the Zombie Masters body began to twist and contort and then everyone was blown back as the area around the obelisk became lava and where the Zombie Master stood before the explosion now stood a huge tyrannosaurus rex. The T Rex attacked the group and the remaining orcs and the dinosaurs ran away from the T Rex leaving only the group to take it down.

After a long battle the T Rex finally went down. When the group approached the obilisk they found that the obelisk was cracked in the explosion. When the group looked inside the crack we found a shiny helm and what appeared to be a golden egg. Rolland broke the obelisk with his hammer, and found out that the helm was the helm of Foltus which was the helm that the group had gone to the island of dread to find in the first place. The golden egg turned out to be a golden dragon egg. The golden dragon would grow to be a defender of the planes, the group went around touching the egg seeing if any member of the group was worthy enough for the egg to hatch at their touch. When The egg was touched by Sloth it hatched. So now Sloth is raising the golden dragon, and the group is responsible for its safety.
Journey on the Isle

After fighting a Kraken and saving the ship, We reached our destination. We are one step closer to the helm. Hunter and Roland Scouted out the island before went to the port, and one of the “pirates” joined our party. Captain Smith Told us about the Local friendly people of the isle. After being lost for awhile, forgetting where to go and who to talk to, I came to the Tiger village. Because of my amazing charisma and skills with talking to people, I got us escorted past the great wall by female warriors. For some reason the man who had just joined us gave them a necklace. Once we reached the tar pits the warriors turned back and our party moved forward. For days we traveled along jungles, swamps, and mountains. One night while we slept we were awoken by a cat looking man and his tiger. We offered him gold and he took us to his village. We shared stories and talked to them. They told us about how the man is bred for the Tiger, and the Tiger must choose them. After a day there we left again to travel though the isle. We ran low on rations and naturally sent out Hunter to hunt. He came back with a Tiger, but i was hungry and we couldn’t eat the Tiger. We pressed on and soon got to a cave. The cave was guarded by living stones which came alive when we got closer. We fought and defeated them and moved into the cave to see why they would guard it. There were many traps but hunter and the man who gave away his necklace disarmed them. I’m thankful to him and he has my trust now, I should probably learn his name eventually. I could sense a barrier at the entrance to a small cave, but i held up my shield and walked through it. I reached to open a chest and controlled lightning lashed out of it. After the oriental pirate disarmed the trap i opened it to find a remarkable set of armor. The party gave me this armor and started traveling again. After a few days Roland had told us there was another dragon near. We discussed plans on fighting this dragon and eventually decided we should make it come to us and surprise it. Hunter set up portals though two trees so we could get to it faster. The party eventually slayed the green dragon, and continued to search for the helm.

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons

After having fought their way through elementals, spiders, and trapped corridors, our heroes faced off against a female drow mage of surprising skill. At the end of a hard-fought battle, perseverance won the day. Examining their surroundings, the party discovered a Dragon Egg. Upon closer examination, Roland picked up the valuable sanctuary, and was very surprised when it hatched in his arms!
Searching the rest of the temple, 5 sarcophagi were found in a pentagram, with one of the beautiful bloodstones in the center. Taking a step forward in curiosity, a whirling vortex leaped from one of the coffins and pulled halfling Adoshi into a short, agonizing death. Consulting Rika, it was apparent the only way to leave was by sacrificing 4 other people!
Refusing to even contemplate such an act, Roland was contemplating what to do when a fierce roar echoed through the temple. Rushing out to aid the newly freed slaves, our heroes exited the front hall to find a fully-grown dragon, a spider in one claw, one hanging from the beast’s jaws, and an unconscious Dreugar lying against the canyon wall.
Finishing her unconventional meal, Zelka (she introduced herself later) informed the group that she was there to escort them to an unnamed location. Climbing onto her back, Zelka flapped her wings once and lifted her great massive body into the air, orienting southwest. They flew this way for the next 3 days. During this time, Roland reflected that times were very troubling indeed, to have a Greyhawk dragon hatch for him, and then get saved by another!
After so long in the air, Roland was grateful when Zelka finally started to land. Settling down in the courtyard of a grand castle, the group jumped down as a fierce and handsomely clad human walked up, introduced himself as Lord Tyrexus, then promptly invited the heroes inside. Two knights walked up and escorted the group inside. On the way in, however, Dravorian and Rika melted into the crown, and Hunter left the confines of the bustling keep to the humans.
Leading Roland to a very comfortable room, the knights introduced themselves as Brienne and Sloth, and gave directions to the tailor. It wouldn’t do for Roland to show up to dinner wearing his armor!
Later, at dinner, Tyrexus found out that Rika was a magic user and had her arrested. Afterward, pulling Roland aside, he imparted knowledge concerning dragons and came to an arrangement concerning the newly hatched wyrmling’s training. Next, he tasked Brienne and Sloth with helping Roland and Hunter recruit an army to march on the Orc King, who was currently amassing a force of his own with the intention of overtaking Greyhawk City.
Spending the next 7 months recruiting forces and researching the remnants of Greyhawk, Ambassador Roennel decided to come along, thinking it would be more exciting than life in the keep. Coming to an arrangement with Captain Smith, the whole lot set sail for the Isle of Artifacts, seeking the Helm of Pholtus, an item of great interest.
by Roland (aka Josh)

Hemlock's Memoirs

Hemlock’s Memoirs
The last that I wrote is now far behind us. We have traveled to the gnome city of Courwood. The journey was long and winding. Full of the terror of discovery of truths my father hid from me in spite of all that I’ve done to learn the truths of the world. As evil as I’ve ever thought him, I have found that he is far more evil still.
We have fought dragons, yes more than 1. Onyxblade is actually the first I know of in living memory to ride the very back of one. Granted he was firmly planted in the swamp that the dragon appeared in, however he had a fast, furious and fun ride before he did succumb to the very basic rule of all, gravity face first at that. We have collected 2 dragon’s worth of teeth, claws and scales, literally all that we could carry from the swamp that supported his spawning.
We have climbed mountains to fight well at the very peak of the path, and then had to come down them as there was nothing beyond them to walk or pass through.
We have followed the winding trails of the woods, following the tracker to find what we seek.
We have fought wolves and their handlers, sent by the Ogre King himself for our scalps, as we beat him face to face with only our wits.
We have fought goblins, orcs, gnolls and ghosts to find what we seek.
We have freed the Medusa to ensure she can defend her very own lair, that my father’s minions had trapped her within.
We have burned skeletons of every size and description. We have defended all our bones that we fought with, none have added to them yet.
We were dumped in the City of shorts with great heart, to kill the werewolf was all that they sought.
We have met more companions on the path that the Gods point.
We have fought wraiths, gnolls, goblins and greed throughout all the mountains that we were sent through.
We have danced for the Giant, the Guardian of Ways.
From him we have earned our very own keys.
The paths of the Gods we have braved to hunt the werewolf we sought, to save the brave shorts with the truly great hearts.
When we returned, great payment was ours, we stayed while we stocked, our welcome was clear.
The waves as we left were far greater still.
We are headed towards the Gods paths, once again we will go into that which breeds dead faster than any living flesh can.
We must find the door to that which we seek.
We dare not tarry as the God’s are quite eager to start the great cleansing.
Light and Dark are defining themselves further with every step taken by this raggedy band which was chosen by their very own hands.
Good choice’s? Not that I see. However from what I have seen, we may well be the only ones around to be chosen. A thin string indeed to dangle the world.
The God’s are heartless, determined and firm, that is quite normal as Gods generally are.
However I have talked to one myself in my dreams, I know the tones that I recognized were true to their forms, I know it well for I have lived there all my life. The world is the least of our concerns when even the Gods are scared for theirs.
Sadly we are not anywhere close to winning the battle for the peace that we seek.
We are well stalked by the evil that is my father, despite my escape he haunts my trail still. I have reason to believe that all our enemies are his.
We have talked to the Gods themselves and they have all confirmed this.
Evil is once again walking.
The Gods are naming their champions to have at the very front of the battles to come to this world.
The Gods are demanding that the blood must be spilt, knowing or unknowing, willing or not.
The corruption is spreading, it will be burned out.

The road to Greyhawk
That is a wierd volcano?

Our heroes headed north to Greyhawk. They were ambushed by Zanvear Iceblood. He unleashed a pack of hungry wolfs and their handlers on the party. They were especially interested in Dravorin Swordhand. Iceblood told them that the King of Pomarj had put a bounty on their head. After killing Iceblood’s party the heroes went north where they found a Volcano that looked like it was capped. The heroes went into the cave where they were ambushed by Chant Hargrove’s party of hyenas and an evil priest. Chant escaped but his minions paid the price. Upon there defeat the entry way to the volcano collapsed so our heroes pressed on. There they came across a young red dragon eager to prove herself to the Dark One. The party quickly caused her to flee but not before Hemlock Moonfire killed her as she was flying away.
After seeing there was no way to go north threw the volcano the heroes went through the swamps of the Suss forest. There they came across a purple dragon that was put there to impede them getting to Greyhawk. After a fight for the ages where Roland saves all 3 other members and Onyxblade rode the dragon to 70’ in the air, they dispatched her.

Soon after the battle Hemlock Moonfire fell ill with the swamp flu and died.

As the heroes awaken from thier rest they are being poked by spears…….

No Sacrifice no Victory
know when to hold em...

Our party was chosen to clear the caves of Chaos. After fighting goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, and many spiders, our heroes managed to clear the caves with the orcs, gnolls, bugbears, kobolds all agreeing to leave for a price. Little did the party know that this caused the fall of the keep by the raiders uniting the races under Chant Havgrove. Seeing that the keep had fallen the heroes plunged back into the caves. After clearing out the Minotaur they entered the cave the housed the Cult of Chaos. After clearing many undead the group learned that the head of the Cult (Simbolt) had a master named the Dark Lord. These people Hemlock immediately recognized as her father and one of his apprentices. After clearing the cave only Roland, Hemlock and Onyx survive.

The party placed Bait’s corpse into the Bag of Holding and carried Dravorin Swrodhand out. Now that Hemlock knows the power which her father holds what will become of her and how will affect Greyhawk……

Pomarj - Adventure Begins
The Keep on the Border

All of you have been invited to Highport Keep to hone your skills on the edge of the Wild Coast. After a well rested night in the common sleeping room our heroes enter the tavern and see Dravorin, Devan’s character name, Flint character name, Shawna’s character name, and the tavern owners. A man wipes down glasses from last night and you can see 2 people cooking in the back and girl setting up tables……

After meeting the Castellan the party took a hireling, Grim, with them around town to speak to local townsfolk about local issues. They found the Blacksmith who told them about the mad hermit and the warehouse owner who told them about lizard men and bandit raiding caravans on the road. The party also learned that no one travels outside the keep at night. After talking amongst themselves, the party decided to go North after the mad hermit first.
The dogs attacked Grim with ravenous hunger and tried to pull him into the brush. Dravorian cut them down with his broad sword when they tried to move past him. This made the hermit mad and he lashed out at the fighter. After a short and decisive battle our heroes emerged victorious.
Our heroes then moved on to the lizard folk, where they chose to fight only if the lizard folk decided to move to the road to attack. As the party hid in the tall cat tails they were spotted by the lizard folk. Spears were thrown clubs were bashed. During the conflict Grim and Onyxvine fell unconscious. Onyxvine bleed out very fast and died on the battlefield. Hemlock was forced to use her magic and Dravorian saw this happen. When the battle was over Dravorian was persuaded to speak to Hemlock about the magic show. Over all he decided not to turn her in to the authorities in the keep. After paying 120GP in gold and trade to get Onyxvine ressurected,the group was invited to the Keep for dinner that night with the Castellan.
This is where we begin again…….
Castellan Dinner


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