Remnants of Greyhawk

Journey on the Isle

After fighting a Kraken and saving the ship, We reached our destination. We are one step closer to the helm. Hunter and Roland Scouted out the island before went to the port, and one of the “pirates” joined our party. Captain Smith Told us about the Local friendly people of the isle. After being lost for awhile, forgetting where to go and who to talk to, I came to the Tiger village. Because of my amazing charisma and skills with talking to people, I got us escorted past the great wall by female warriors. For some reason the man who had just joined us gave them a necklace. Once we reached the tar pits the warriors turned back and our party moved forward. For days we traveled along jungles, swamps, and mountains. One night while we slept we were awoken by a cat looking man and his tiger. We offered him gold and he took us to his village. We shared stories and talked to them. They told us about how the man is bred for the Tiger, and the Tiger must choose them. After a day there we left again to travel though the isle. We ran low on rations and naturally sent out Hunter to hunt. He came back with a Tiger, but i was hungry and we couldn’t eat the Tiger. We pressed on and soon got to a cave. The cave was guarded by living stones which came alive when we got closer. We fought and defeated them and moved into the cave to see why they would guard it. There were many traps but hunter and the man who gave away his necklace disarmed them. I’m thankful to him and he has my trust now, I should probably learn his name eventually. I could sense a barrier at the entrance to a small cave, but i held up my shield and walked through it. I reached to open a chest and controlled lightning lashed out of it. After the oriental pirate disarmed the trap i opened it to find a remarkable set of armor. The party gave me this armor and started traveling again. After a few days Roland had told us there was another dragon near. We discussed plans on fighting this dragon and eventually decided we should make it come to us and surprise it. Hunter set up portals though two trees so we could get to it faster. The party eventually slayed the green dragon, and continued to search for the helm.

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons

After having fought their way through elementals, spiders, and trapped corridors, our heroes faced off against a female drow mage of surprising skill. At the end of a hard-fought battle, perseverance won the day. Examining their surroundings, the party discovered a Dragon Egg. Upon closer examination, Roland picked up the valuable sanctuary, and was very surprised when it hatched in his arms!
Searching the rest of the temple, 5 sarcophagi were found in a pentagram, with one of the beautiful bloodstones in the center. Taking a step forward in curiosity, a whirling vortex leaped from one of the coffins and pulled halfling Adoshi into a short, agonizing death. Consulting Rika, it was apparent the only way to leave was by sacrificing 4 other people!
Refusing to even contemplate such an act, Roland was contemplating what to do when a fierce roar echoed through the temple. Rushing out to aid the newly freed slaves, our heroes exited the front hall to find a fully-grown dragon, a spider in one claw, one hanging from the beast’s jaws, and an unconscious Dreugar lying against the canyon wall.
Finishing her unconventional meal, Zelka (she introduced herself later) informed the group that she was there to escort them to an unnamed location. Climbing onto her back, Zelka flapped her wings once and lifted her great massive body into the air, orienting southwest. They flew this way for the next 3 days. During this time, Roland reflected that times were very troubling indeed, to have a Greyhawk dragon hatch for him, and then get saved by another!
After so long in the air, Roland was grateful when Zelka finally started to land. Settling down in the courtyard of a grand castle, the group jumped down as a fierce and handsomely clad human walked up, introduced himself as Lord Tyrexus, then promptly invited the heroes inside. Two knights walked up and escorted the group inside. On the way in, however, Dravorian and Rika melted into the crown, and Hunter left the confines of the bustling keep to the humans.
Leading Roland to a very comfortable room, the knights introduced themselves as Brienne and Sloth, and gave directions to the tailor. It wouldn’t do for Roland to show up to dinner wearing his armor!
Later, at dinner, Tyrexus found out that Rika was a magic user and had her arrested. Afterward, pulling Roland aside, he imparted knowledge concerning dragons and came to an arrangement concerning the newly hatched wyrmling’s training. Next, he tasked Brienne and Sloth with helping Roland and Hunter recruit an army to march on the Orc King, who was currently amassing a force of his own with the intention of overtaking Greyhawk City.
Spending the next 7 months recruiting forces and researching the remnants of Greyhawk, Ambassador Roennel decided to come along, thinking it would be more exciting than life in the keep. Coming to an arrangement with Captain Smith, the whole lot set sail for the Isle of Artifacts, seeking the Helm of Pholtus, an item of great interest.
by Roland (aka Josh)

Hemlock's Memoirs

Hemlock’s Memoirs
The last that I wrote is now far behind us. We have traveled to the gnome city of Courwood. The journey was long and winding. Full of the terror of discovery of truths my father hid from me in spite of all that I’ve done to learn the truths of the world. As evil as I’ve ever thought him, I have found that he is far more evil still.
We have fought dragons, yes more than 1. Onyxblade is actually the first I know of in living memory to ride the very back of one. Granted he was firmly planted in the swamp that the dragon appeared in, however he had a fast, furious and fun ride before he did succumb to the very basic rule of all, gravity face first at that. We have collected 2 dragon’s worth of teeth, claws and scales, literally all that we could carry from the swamp that supported his spawning.
We have climbed mountains to fight well at the very peak of the path, and then had to come down them as there was nothing beyond them to walk or pass through.
We have followed the winding trails of the woods, following the tracker to find what we seek.
We have fought wolves and their handlers, sent by the Ogre King himself for our scalps, as we beat him face to face with only our wits.
We have fought goblins, orcs, gnolls and ghosts to find what we seek.
We have freed the Medusa to ensure she can defend her very own lair, that my father’s minions had trapped her within.
We have burned skeletons of every size and description. We have defended all our bones that we fought with, none have added to them yet.
We were dumped in the City of shorts with great heart, to kill the werewolf was all that they sought.
We have met more companions on the path that the Gods point.
We have fought wraiths, gnolls, goblins and greed throughout all the mountains that we were sent through.
We have danced for the Giant, the Guardian of Ways.
From him we have earned our very own keys.
The paths of the Gods we have braved to hunt the werewolf we sought, to save the brave shorts with the truly great hearts.
When we returned, great payment was ours, we stayed while we stocked, our welcome was clear.
The waves as we left were far greater still.
We are headed towards the Gods paths, once again we will go into that which breeds dead faster than any living flesh can.
We must find the door to that which we seek.
We dare not tarry as the God’s are quite eager to start the great cleansing.
Light and Dark are defining themselves further with every step taken by this raggedy band which was chosen by their very own hands.
Good choice’s? Not that I see. However from what I have seen, we may well be the only ones around to be chosen. A thin string indeed to dangle the world.
The God’s are heartless, determined and firm, that is quite normal as Gods generally are.
However I have talked to one myself in my dreams, I know the tones that I recognized were true to their forms, I know it well for I have lived there all my life. The world is the least of our concerns when even the Gods are scared for theirs.
Sadly we are not anywhere close to winning the battle for the peace that we seek.
We are well stalked by the evil that is my father, despite my escape he haunts my trail still. I have reason to believe that all our enemies are his.
We have talked to the Gods themselves and they have all confirmed this.
Evil is once again walking.
The Gods are naming their champions to have at the very front of the battles to come to this world.
The Gods are demanding that the blood must be spilt, knowing or unknowing, willing or not.
The corruption is spreading, it will be burned out.

The road to Greyhawk
That is a wierd volcano?

Our heroes headed north to Greyhawk. They were ambushed by Zanvear Iceblood. He unleashed a pack of hungry wolfs and their handlers on the party. They were especially interested in Dravorin Swordhand. Iceblood told them that the King of Pomarj had put a bounty on their head. After killing Iceblood’s party the heroes went north where they found a Volcano that looked like it was capped. The heroes went into the cave where they were ambushed by Chant Hargrove’s party of hyenas and an evil priest. Chant escaped but his minions paid the price. Upon there defeat the entry way to the volcano collapsed so our heroes pressed on. There they came across a young red dragon eager to prove herself to the Dark One. The party quickly caused her to flee but not before Hemlock Moonfire killed her as she was flying away.
After seeing there was no way to go north threw the volcano the heroes went through the swamps of the Suss forest. There they came across a purple dragon that was put there to impede them getting to Greyhawk. After a fight for the ages where Roland saves all 3 other members and Onyxblade rode the dragon to 70’ in the air, they dispatched her.

Soon after the battle Hemlock Moonfire fell ill with the swamp flu and died.

As the heroes awaken from thier rest they are being poked by spears…….

No Sacrifice no Victory
know when to hold em...

Our party was chosen to clear the caves of Chaos. After fighting goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, and many spiders, our heroes managed to clear the caves with the orcs, gnolls, bugbears, kobolds all agreeing to leave for a price. Little did the party know that this caused the fall of the keep by the raiders uniting the races under Chant Havgrove. Seeing that the keep had fallen the heroes plunged back into the caves. After clearing out the Minotaur they entered the cave the housed the Cult of Chaos. After clearing many undead the group learned that the head of the Cult (Simbolt) had a master named the Dark Lord. These people Hemlock immediately recognized as her father and one of his apprentices. After clearing the cave only Roland, Hemlock and Onyx survive.

The party placed Bait’s corpse into the Bag of Holding and carried Dravorin Swrodhand out. Now that Hemlock knows the power which her father holds what will become of her and how will affect Greyhawk……

Pomarj - Adventure Begins
The Keep on the Border

All of you have been invited to Highport Keep to hone your skills on the edge of the Wild Coast. After a well rested night in the common sleeping room our heroes enter the tavern and see Dravorin, Devan’s character name, Flint character name, Shawna’s character name, and the tavern owners. A man wipes down glasses from last night and you can see 2 people cooking in the back and girl setting up tables……

After meeting the Castellan the party took a hireling, Grim, with them around town to speak to local townsfolk about local issues. They found the Blacksmith who told them about the mad hermit and the warehouse owner who told them about lizard men and bandit raiding caravans on the road. The party also learned that no one travels outside the keep at night. After talking amongst themselves, the party decided to go North after the mad hermit first.
The dogs attacked Grim with ravenous hunger and tried to pull him into the brush. Dravorian cut them down with his broad sword when they tried to move past him. This made the hermit mad and he lashed out at the fighter. After a short and decisive battle our heroes emerged victorious.
Our heroes then moved on to the lizard folk, where they chose to fight only if the lizard folk decided to move to the road to attack. As the party hid in the tall cat tails they were spotted by the lizard folk. Spears were thrown clubs were bashed. During the conflict Grim and Onyxvine fell unconscious. Onyxvine bleed out very fast and died on the battlefield. Hemlock was forced to use her magic and Dravorian saw this happen. When the battle was over Dravorian was persuaded to speak to Hemlock about the magic show. Over all he decided not to turn her in to the authorities in the keep. After paying 120GP in gold and trade to get Onyxvine ressurected,the group was invited to the Keep for dinner that night with the Castellan.
This is where we begin again…….
Castellan Dinner


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